Separation and Divorce Ottawa: Family Responsibility Office

Need help dealing with the Family Responsibility Office in Ottawa?

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is a government office in Ontario that enforces child support and spousal support payments.  All Court Orders involving support are automatically submitted to FRO for enforcement.  If you have an Agreement for support, you may also submit it for enforcement.

If you are paying support through FRO, you must put all agreed changes in writing and advise FRO.  They may require an updated Court Order.  FRO will continue to enforce the last Order or agreement they have on file unless they are advised otherwise.  This means that even if you and your spouse agree to a change, arrears might continue to accrue.

If you fail to pay support, or if your support is lowered without FRO being properly informed, they make take enforcement steps.  These can include suspending your driver's license, passport, or other federal licenses, garnishing your bank accounts, and reporting you to the credit bureau.

If you are behind in your support payments, you should contact FRO immediately to discuss repayment options.  If you are served with a notice of an intention to suspend your license, you should take immediate steps to obtain a Refraining Order and to bring a Motion to Change the child support Order.

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