Collaborative Family Law in Ottawa

Interested in collaborative family law in Ottawa?

In collaborative family law, couples work together to reach an agreement in a non-confrontational and cooperative process, based on "interest based negotiations".  The parties each choose their own legal counsel and may also agree to retain other professionals such as financial planners, mental health professionals, or coaches.  Every member of the team is specially trained in collaborative family law.

Collaborative family law takes a holistic approach.  Traditional litigation, with "winners" and "losers", forces couples into a confrontational process that is based on the law, and often fails to address the related issues, including the emotional impact of the separation and the parties' ongoing needs to communicate in the future.

The goal of collaborative family law is to help couples bring a peaceful and equitable conclusion to their relationship without resorting to the court system.  The process is customizable to your family's needs and priorities.

Every professional involved is specially trained and certified in collaborative negotiations.  Jennifer is a member of Collaborative Practice Ottawa and is able to offer this option to clients.

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