Representing Yourself in Ottawa?

If you are self-represented in family court but would like the benefit of on-going legal advice, consider our Ottawa Legal Coaching Subscription Service.

With this service, you continue to represent yourself and remain in charge of all aspects of your case.  Your lawyer can help review your case, assist you with document preparation, offer practical assistance, provide ongoing advice, and help you understand the court system.

For a flat rate of $325.00 per month (plus HST), you will have access to:

  • One in-person consultation during your first month (up to one hour) 
  • Up to one hour of consultation via telephone or Skype per month
  • Unlimited email inquiries

Additional time or in-person meetings, in-person assistance at court appearances, and other services can be added to your subscription on a pay-as-you-go basis.  

We offer limited space for this subscription service.  At this time, we will accept up to six clients at any one time.  

Contact us now using the form below to reserve your spot, or book a telephone call with Jennifer to discuss your needs.

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