Moving After Separation: Tips from a Pro

How do I move after a separation?

Moving is stressful at the best of times. When you add the stress of a separation on top, it can be downright overwhelming. Once you’ve found a new home, the actual process of moving all your things begins - but where do you start? To help you out with moving and moving on after your separation, we asked Lisa Robinson from Streamline Relocation Services to share her tips to make your move less stressful by planning ahead.

How to Pick a Moving Company

Begin by selecting the right moving company for you. It’s tempting to rely on online reviews, but they can lack credibility. Better to get referrals from your friends, family, realtor or moving consultant and then check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Choose at least two moving companies and get written in-home estimates from them. It’s always best that they come to your home to assess the contents and provide an informed estimate. Doing this sort of business over the phone is not acceptable and can result in unwelcome surprises!

Part of a company or independent moving consultant’s job is to supply a proper, written estimate which is free and a fairly quick process. They can also be a resource for packing and insurance tips, advice about your responsibilities for the move and on issues they notice with their practiced eye before the arrival of the truck and crew. Ensuring that you’re entirely prepared for the move will make you more likely to refer business to their company.

Packing Tips

Make sure that you pack the boxes tightly and fill them to the top. Be sure to mark the sides, not the top of the boxes, with the appropriate room in your new home.

Don’t worry about the weight of the boxes. Movers are accustomed to moving even the heaviest of items. The fewer the boxes, the less bulk in the truck and the less risk of lightly packed boxes being crushed. A move which takes less time is a cheaper move.

Don’t Forget Insurance!

The biggest problem for inexperienced movers is not understanding transit insurance which provides options to protect against the risk of damage to your household goods. Know what is and is not covered to reduce issues arising during and after your move. Go over this with your moving consultant.

Some items such as flat-screen TVs are not covered by insurance unless the movers themselves pack or crate them. Your own responsibilities require properly dismantling and preparing appliances and electronics for the move.

When the big day arrives…

On the day, ensure that elevators are booked, driveways and walkways are cleared and that packing is complete. These types of details may seem obvious, but issues such as ice, broken elevators and unfinished packing are major and common causes of delays. Focus, plan ahead and don’t panic.

Certain things such as aerosols, alcohol, fire extinguishers, and cleaning chemicals are not permitted in the truck so be prepared to take them with you. I also advise that, if you can, transport sensitive items yourself: plants, lamp shades, pictures and flat-screen TVs.

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Meet Lisa the Mover

Making your next move your best move is Lisa Robinson’s goal. That’s why Streamline Relocation Services’ unique resources exists. From 24 life-time personal moving experiences and 7 years of direct industry involvement, Lisa understands the stress of moving.

As your certified professional mover and independent moving consultant, Lisa is motivated by her passion to deliver customized service and peace of mind for all your moving challenges. She presents detailed strategies and options based on first-hand industry knowledge; oversees all aspects of your moving plan, so you can relax; works only with pre-qualified, high-caliber, local movers; handles both local and long-distance relocations; and offers package rates and hourly fees to suit your budget.

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