Your Separation & Divorce Team: Career Coaches

Career Coaches can offer unique services to people going through separation and divorce.

The following is a guest post from Dr. Helen Ofosu, a specialist in Career Psychology who runs I/O Advisory Services in Ottawa. Many people feel the need to re-evaluate employment options in the medium to long term after a separation, to offset expenses associated with a new family structure, reduced household income, and possibly support obligations.  In this post, Helen provides information about how she and other career coaches can help people in such situations.

What can a career coach do for me?

When life throws a big curve ball, you want someone objective on your team who can help you make the best of your skills, interests, and precious time to ensure a resilient and satisfying livelihood. With Helen, "it’s more than career coaching, it’s career psychology."

A skilled career coach can help you with:

  • Identifying a career path that will be engaging and satisfying
  • Framing your skills and experience effectively by using your
    • Resume and LinkedIn profile
    • Cover letters
    • Job interviews
  • Narrowing the gaps between your current job and your target / ideal job
  • Networking to discover hidden employment opportunities
  • Career transitioning / returning to work after being a full-time parent
  • Striking a sustainable balance between working and single-parenting / co-parenting
  • Self-employment options 

Thinking of a career upgrade after separation?

During the early days/months a sensible and balanced approach might include taking on personal and career development as a cost-neutral or low-cost pastime. For example, consider taking MOOCs (massive online open courses) or reading up on topics / trends in your professional field. When done well, this will put you ahead and position you towards improved career options. 

Carefully consider the pros and cons associated with taking a promotion within your current organization or a new organization. Often, positions that are more specialized rather than managerial offer a meaningful bump in pay without the (sometimes) time consuming HR responsibilities that go along with management.

If you’ve got the flexibility to pursue it, you should embrace networking both on and offline; it will definitely pay dividends. Helen’s written other blog posts on the benefits of networking in person, one of which can be found here

Meet Dr. Helen Ofosu

Helen Ofosu (dark background).jpg

Dr. Helen Ofosu has more than 15 years of experience in public and private sector uses of Industrial / Organizational psychology. Dr. Ofosu brings her vast knowledge, sensitivity, and special brand of humour to her career consultations, to her groups, as well as her presentations and speaking engagements.  You can find and follow Helen on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where she shares information on career-related topics. If you’ve got short questions, you can submit them to her blog “Ask Dr. Helen O” where she answers questions without identifying the person who asked.  She is also hosting an event on January 21st, called “Reverse Engineering Your Career”.

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