Helping You Survive Separation and Divorce

Representing Clients in Separation and Divorce in Ottawa

Family law clients come from all walks of life: from young people to retirees; from stay-at-home parents to full-time professionals; from young people moving in together, to people of all ages separating, to second marriages and beyond.  Despite their differences, family law clients all have some things in common: a desire to feel understood; to know that someone is looking out for them; and to resolve their family law issues as efficiently as possible without making unnecessary sacrifices.

They want to resolve their legal issues with respect, openness, and a focus on the best interests of their children, and they want to work together with me to understand and address their family law issues, so that they can have a fresh start.

A Focus on Working Collaboratively

From the outset of my practice, I have been interested in alternatives to the traditional court process, and I generally encourage my clients to explore these options.  From the beginning of my work with family law clients, I could see that the court process was expensive, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting.  I knew there had to be a better way: a way to separate and divorce that didn’t leave my clients both financially and emotionally exhausted.  

As such, I always encourage my clients to explore alternative dispute resolution options whenever possible, and I recently began offering collaborative family law as an option.  At the same time, I recognize that sometimes court is the best or only option, and I am able and willing to proceed to court when necessary.  However, I generally promote a respectful approach to resolving disputes even when in court.

An Advocate for You

If you are going through a separation, you will want a strong advocate not just for your goals but for your interests; you want honest and thoughtful legal representation during the most stressful time in your life; and you want to be empowered to make informed decisions about the legal issues that affect you and your families.  This is what I can offer you.

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